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french horn, french horns
In our shop Trompa.Online we sell french horns, mouthpieces for french horns as well as other brass instruments. We have the top brands and top accessories for french horn.

Training and Relaxation

myvibs and other devices for training and relaxation

Wind musicians need to train the lip muscles in order to strenghten and to relax the embouchure adequately. For this reason, at Trompa.Online we have accessories for training and relaxation:


Mouthpieces for French Horn

Mouthpieces for french horn

At Trompa.Online we also offer mouth­pieces for french horn. Josef Klier and Stomvi are our selected brands becaus of their recognized quality.

At the shop Trompa.Online, we have the musical instruments and the respective accessories.

At the shop Trompa.Online you will find your instrument, you only need to visit our web and take your decision.

You can select the model of your french horn and decide for the bell. The sound will be different depending on the material selection and the selection of the bell diameter. All this variety of tube and bell diameters you will find at Trompa.Online.
Don't hesitate to enter our shop Trompa.Online for musicians!

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french horn from STOMVI We at Trompa.Online have a great variety of musical instruments, and you can play classical music or brass music, depending on the instrument model you decide for.

Trompa Online is dedicated to wind instruments. We are specialists in brass and woodwind instruments.

You can select a double horn which is interchangeable between F and Bb. Or you can simply decide for a french horn in Bb. We can recommend the french horn according to your requirements.
Search and find your next French Horn! The shop is open 24h/7 days.

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In our shop Trompa.Online, you can search for all the information about the materials and the quality guarantee. And we are happy to help you select your new instrument.
Why don't you decide yet? The online shop for French horns and accessories
is the most competitive with respect to quality and price!

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At Trompa.Online we have clients that talk about us the following way:

Martin M.: I play in a classical orchestra and I decided for BRASSEGO because of its reknown quality. The sound of my new instrument is really uncomparable and at Trompa.Online I got the best price.
Sebastian: The model of STOMVI produces exactly the sound I needed due to the bell and its material. The sound of my new french horn in F is more dominant than the sound of my old horn.
Miguel Sanz: I have been investigating a lot before I decided for NARTISS. I am a student of french horn and playing my new instrument provides me a lot of satisfaction. I recommend Trompa.Online and NARTISS.
José L.: Since 5 years I play french horn and I bought my first mouthpiece from STOMVI. Now I not change again. I will continue to buy at Trompa.Online!

What are you wainting for?

We offer the instrument of your dreams at a reasonable price. Come in into our shop Trompa.Online and make your decicion.
Visit our online shop for french horn - and realize your dream!

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